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Rossi R95 Lever Action Rifle 30-30 Win.


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Rossi, R95, Lever Action Rifle, 30-30 Winchester, 20" Barrel, Black Oxide Finish, Black, Buckhorn Rear Sight, Drift Adjustable Front Sight, Walnut Stock, 5 Rounds

  • Hammer Forged barrel
  • Compatible with Common Aftermarket Parts
  • Smooth Hand Finished Lever Action
  • Large Loading Gate
  • Hardwood Walnut Stock
  • Drilled and Tapped Scope Mount for Optics
  • Buckhorn Rear Sight / Drift Adjustable Front Sight
  • Black Oxide Finish

Product Description


The R95 brings to the Rossi family a lever-action rifle chambered in 30-30 calibre. It combines a traditional German beech hardwood stock with blued finish to deliver a big-bore rifle suitable for the backwoods or the back forty.