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CMMG Defcan 762 Direct Thread Suppressor .308 Win 1-3/8x24 Black with 5/8x24 Muzzle Brake


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The DefCan-762 is a lightweight, 7.62 suppressor that delivers an impressive sound reduction to quiet one’s rifle to a comfortable sound level. 3D Metal printed Inconel construction delivers durability and heat tolerance, allowing the DEFCAN to be the workhorse suppressor for any 30-caliber rifle.
Attachment is easy, using the included ZEROED SVD Muzzle Brake or a mil-spec A2 flash hider, slide the DEFCAN over the muzzle device 

HUB Compatible
New suppressor mounts and muzzle devices are always on the horizon. Whether your muzzle device needs might change or you just like the looks of something else in the future, your DEFCAN will be up for anything new. Threaded with the industry standard 1-3/8x24 HUB system, switching to a different QD mounting system is as easy as unscrewing the SVD/A2 mount and attaching your preferred HUB mount.


  • Suppressor
  • ZEROED SVD Muzzle Brake 7.62mm, 5/8-24
  • Muzzle device shims
  • Thread locker