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7.62x51 - 149 Grain FMJ M80 - Winchester - 500 Rounds

Winchester Ammunition

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A box of 7.62x51 is merely an appetizer. A case of 7.62x51 is a five-course meal. This ammunition is made in the USA by Winchester, and its compatibility with 308 Win firearms makes it perfect for range training with a wide variety of popular hunting rifles as well as semi-automatics.

The military’s M80 ammo specs call for a 147 grain bullet, but Winchester’s 149 grain projectile is so close to that weight that you’ll be unable to discern any significant difference in ballistic performance. The full metal jacket bullet has a sleek profile that enhances its ability to feed smoothly as well as its ballistic coefficient. If you plan to load this ammo into a magazine, then you’ll appreciate how its cannelure keeps the bullet from jerking out of its seating during recoil. The bullet does contain steel in its jacket; it is magnetic.

Winchester’s M80 ammo is newly manufactured, not military surplus. Its non-corrosive Boxer primers are seated in new and reloadable brass cases. The brass is slightly discolored, but only because it wasn’t polished up nice and pretty after heat-treatment made it stronger.