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Sig Sauer, P365 Fuse, Semi-automatic 9MM

Sig Sauer

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Sig Sauer, P365 Fuse, Semi-automatic, Polymer Frame Pistol, Compact, 9MM, 4.3" Barrel, Cerakote Finish, Black, Sig Sauer LXG Grip, Fiber Optic Front and Low Profile Combat Rear Sights, 3 Magazines, (2)-21 Round Magazines and (1)-17 Round Magazine

    • NEW
  • P365-Fuse
  • 4.3" Carbon Steel Barrel
  • LXG Grip
  • 1913 Accessory Rail
  • Removable Magwell
  • Fiber Optic Front and Low Profile Combat Rear Sights
  • (2) 21 Round Magazines and (1) 17 Round Magazine

Product Description


Full-size capability and micro-compact concealment combine with the FUSE from SIG SAUER. Its 21+1 capacity meets a razor-thin 1" wide grip module for unmatched versatility and shootability. FUSE delivers the accuracy and grit of a full-size pistol with its 6 7/8" optic-ready slide, longer than any compact in its class for improved sight radius and enhanced control. Equipped with a fiber optic front sight and a 4.3" barrel, FUSE provides improved ballistic performance from today's defensive ammunition for faster velocities and maximum expansion on target. All the benefits of a full-size pistol fused with the concealability of a compact. Built from the roots of the P365, a true crossover carry has arrived. The Ultimate Fusion of Capability and Concealment. FUSE by SIG SAUER.